Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Weston College and Buddhism

Last week we were lucky enough to welcome a group from Weston Super Mare to the University, to talk about Buddhism - and the Four Noble Truths in particular.

I hope you enjoyed being with us - if you want to know more about Buddhism, a good place to start is the collection of Theravada texts at which also has a subject index which is very handy (as our students here will tell you...)
There is a podcast on the Four Noble Truths (along with primary source text) at -which may also be of help...

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  1. Learning about Buddhism might be especially helpful in these times to perhaps better understand the position of a world-personality that has been in exile for more than 50 years - the Dalai Lama. I myself am trying to learn more about it. I will definitely try to listen to your podcast.