Sunday, May 25, 2014

Wicca, Western Esotericism, UFO religion, Spiritism and more...

In preparation for the module H6502: Emergent Spiritualities - which starts the coming academic year- I've been adding some new material to - such as this video on Wicca, or the one further down of 'Otherkin':

All the ones for the new module are tagged HM6502 if you want to find just this series of videos on this set of topics - click:

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Open Days this Summer..

These events have now taken place - but to find out about our other, upcoming, Open Days, see: 


As Summer approaches, we look forward to welcoming Religion, Philosophy & Ethics applicants / guests to Open Days here at our FCH Campus in Cheltenham. There will be events on June 25th and June 28th (and more in September and October).

You can find out more, and book a place by going to: 

In addition to Open Days, you can discover more about the Religion, Philosophy & Ethics undergraduate BA(Hons) degree over at our Facebook Group:

FCH Campus
To see the course map - details of the 'modules' which form the course - click HERE, or to see our Photo Gallery of trips, events and the campus, click HERE.

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Friday, May 09, 2014

Satanic Statue in Oklahoma Controversy

You've maybe heard about this? The crowdfunded bid by The Satanic Temple to place a Satanist Statue at the Oklahoma Capitol Building - partly in protest at a public building having a Ten Commandments monument..

Over at I interview an expert - and try to see what issues are behind all the recent headlines..

(In related news - the Harvard 'Black Mass' event has is being reported as having been cancelled: read more HERE..)

Friday, May 02, 2014

Week of victory!

It's been quite a week for RPE..

Firstly - Professor Melissa Raphael's book The Female Face of God in Auschwitz (2003) has been listed by the American website Theology Degrees Online as one of the top 99 most important works of theology: 'Even the most dedicated scholar couldn't read all of the books covering Christian theology, but there are some we feel that every student of theology should read.'  Melissa's book comes in at 69, at the top of the 'Women and Theology' section.

Then we had the University of Gloucestershire Staff Awards event. RPE students came to support us - we had numerous nominations...
In the end - with lights, music, balloons and excitement - we walked away with a armful of awards!

Roy was awarded a University Teaching Fellowship (as was Dr Debby Thacker from English Lit - in the pic too), Will received an award for Most Engaging Module (in the whole Uni, voted for by students, for his module on Spinoza), and Dave won the 'Inspiring Colleague' award.