Thursday, March 13, 2008

King Edward VI School, Stratford upon Avon - visit

Well - another visit. This time to historic (and busy) Stratford, to see one of our graduates who is now a teacher at the King Edward VI School - known to some as Shakespeare's school...

I was there to talk about ethics (as in the AQA Philosophy AS syllabus) - and talked about Kant and also Utilitarianism. We also talked about the nature of moral dilemmas - see for some examples. If you follow the link HERE there is more on ethical ideas - follow the links!



  1. hi! I'm romina from argentina and I'm studying the teacher training course. I entered here as I'm searching for information bout Shakespeare (I have to deliver a class). I've found the he probably attended King Edward VI Grammar school, which had Roman Catholic origins, but Edward VI didn't. Which was his religion? Can you tell me something bout it?
    Please contact

  2. Anonymous2:52 pm

    His father John was a catholic. He in adult life was a protestant.