Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Year in the Blogosphere...

Hi - this is a quick post to say: how has this year been for students and other readers of this blog: In what ways has it been of useful / interesting / annoying - -etc...

I am also posting this to invite comments from those attending my E-Learn paper (in case you're too shy to speak in the session).

I am about to go and do my presentation - so hope this post will gather some comments over the next few days...



  1. An interesting and lively presentation - thank you!

  2. Has it been a year already?!

    The best thing about the blog is the opportunity to soap-box on a variety of thoughtful issues. It kicked off last year with a discussion over whether contemporary Brits should apologise to contemporary Blacks over the atrocities of slavery previously waged in Britain. The issue had come to a head in celebration of a 200-year anniversary of the abolition of slavery. It was a lively discussion - I can still remember a guy saying an unequivocal “Yes apologise!” ….. and send chocolates as well. Other lively discussions included horse-racing and the well-being of horses (Cheltenham being home to a week of unsolicited gambling, drinking, carousing once a year at the race course) - some said, "well, thoroughbreds love racing so why not?" That response made my blood boil, or rather, my blood run cold; but, that's part of the blogging experience. It’s like playground mentality – if a blog irritates me, I square my shoulders and write back, ‘Oh, yeah? Well think about this………..!’ (without resorting to name-calling) with all the heat of a playground bully. It’s great! I never was much good at playground scraps, but the blog has provided me with an environment where I can be scrappy, sharpen my ideas instead of my nails. Another discussion was whether studying Ethics and Philosophy made us 'better' or 'good' people. And I believe everybody concluded that it made us all better looking, so what else matters? (We’re deep). All those beautiful Greek philosophers, hey? And I do believe a number of people exchanged contact details, so popularity escalated after that blog.

    So here's an opportunity to be opinionated, radical, wrong (sometimes I look back at what I’ve said and cringe), popular, ridiculous, humourous and downright brilliantly inspired.

  3. Its great - I have really enjoyed the blog and have took part in most discussions to some level...

    A good way to broach subjects, and stimulate conversation. An excellent way of achiving those very conversations, and a good study tool too actually..

    Bravo - I will continue to use the blog far past my (hopeful) graduation!

  4. Hi David,

    The blog has been great - I don't think I have commented yet, but I certainly have read along with interest. Will you be posting your paper? Thanks and best wishes,

    Justin Whitaker (Bristol - Montana, US, and now London)