Saturday, May 14, 2016

RPE rushes towards the summer with its usual wealth of student activities and awesomeness

You might think that as Summer approaches, the Religion, Philosophy and Ethics course here at Gloucestershire might quieten down and slow..


As ever, there are events for students both within and beyond the classroom. You can see a fuller range over at our Facebook group - including details on the student research conference later in the Summer..

Prizes for the Buddhism quiz
We had A C Grayling come and speak to us this week - as part of a joint event with Gloucestershire Philosophical Society (GPS) and Gloucestershire Humanists. He spoke on Humanist Principles and Humanist Ethics, How do the former influence the latter. 
The RPE course and GPS are work together to bring a full programme of talks every term - has details - and the hugely popular events are an evening of students, the public, and staff - all engaged in discussion and debate.

RPE cake..
What else? The second year Hinduism and Buddhism module ended with a quiz - with Buddha-in-a-bag prizes for the winning team. There was stiff competition, as these prizes are ferociously fought for - and students revealed how 'free stuff' suddenly activates their memories..

The third year class Emergent Spiritualities ended its run of student presentations (on topics like UFO religions, Game of Thrones, Conspiracy Theories, Satanism and Feminism, Hedgewitch traditions, Falun Gong and more) with, obviously, champagne. An RPE student even baked a special cake to add the sense of occasion.
RPE students!
RPE graduate Katie talks about her life as a teacher
Jessica talks about her work at TrueTube

This week also saw our Back to the Future Alumni event - where graduates came in to talk about their lives since leaving us. Katie talked about how her RPE degree led her into the teaching profession, while Jessica talked about her video production and planning work with TrueTube. There were also nibbles. 

Staff stare at buffet...

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