Thursday, January 28, 2016

Death! (Exhibition and visit, and a cat pub too..)

A week or so ago, RPE students (with a few from other courses joining us too) popped down to Bristol to visit the Death: The Human Experience exhibition, at the city museum. We then popped down to the Bag of Nails  pub - famous in Bristol for the free range cats wandering (mostly, to be honest, sleeping) around the pub..

There are some pictures below (click them to enlarge) - but the exhibition blurb is worth reading:

death: the human experience is about the most universal of experiences that we
will encounter.
Hundreds of incredibly diverse objects – from a Ghanaian fantasy coffin to a Victorian mourning dress – reveal captivating stories from cultures across the world, from the earliest human societies to the modern day.
The exhibition encourages you to consider ethical issues, different attitudes to death and how different cultures have dealt with the end of life.
As a society we are reluctant to talk about death and dying. death: the human experience is about helping to start that conversation.
Our HM6502 Love, Sex and Death module deals with these issues - and it was fascinating to learn more, and see examples of some of the material we discuss in class.

only a matter of time..

Sunset in Bristol
Student plus cats..

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