Sunday, July 07, 2013

Planning the year ahead..

Students in Seville Alcazar
As we look back, we can see what has been enjoyed, and found useful, by our students, and plan the coming year.

We went to Spain with the second years in March: a 5 night trip based around Cordoba - where we look at the interaction of Islamic, Christian and Jewish traditions. We visit the Mezquita, The  
A well-earned rest after the journey
The Mezquita in Cordoba
Jewish Museum, Seville Cathedral, Cordoba Alcazar, Seville Real Alcazar, Medina Azahara, the Torre de la Calahorra museum, an archaeological museum, the bathhouse of the Caliphs, and I'm sure I've missed somewhere out! It is a bust few days, but  an amazing trip where students gain a huge amount of understanding. There's a report from the 2011 trip HERE, and pictures from the recent one HERE.. We have a tour guide for sections, and there is some free time too..

Leicester for Diwali
London Visit
We also - in a perhaps less glamorous location - plan to repeat our visit to Diwali in Leicester: Our report is HERE..  Next year we plan to arrive in order to have a meal before we commence the visit. It might even not rain..

We have also been to the Swaminaryan Hindu Temple in London (see HERE for a report), which we hope to visit this year, as well as planning a trip to the Ashmolean museum in Oxford..

Less picturesque but equally exciting is our plan to skype in some guest speakers next year, from as far away as Australia, for Q & A chats with our students. Of course we are also planning our lectures and day-to-day seminars, extra-curricular plans and the like - you can get a taste of these on our course Facebook group at: , or download our Course Leaflet HERE..

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