Wednesday, June 19, 2013


So.. Happiness.. It seems to be everywhere at the moment. Not actual happiness - but discussion about it. You can find Justin Whitaker (over on his blog) talking about there being good and bad types of it :

He argues that the good sorts can't be found by uncovering some secret - but that important forms of happiness actually come from extended hard work - particularly hard work on rooting out ingrained negative ways of thinking and behaviour (that'd be meditation and ethics then).

Over at you can find me (and only one cat picture this time) claiming that perhaps we should worry less about happiness and more abut virtue.

Either way - and I know it's a topic that my colleague Professor Melissa Raphael will be discussing at our Open Day on Saturday -  it seems to be a pre-occupation in Western society : but might we be tempted that, as people with enough food, clean water and no war in our daily lives, to perhaps think of it as a peculiarly "First World Problem"?

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