Friday, February 13, 2009

RPE107 Presentation

Each group must choose one of the following papers (or excerpts of text) for their presentation/written work combo. There is enough choice for every group to do something different, so we will work on a “first tell Carl choice, first served” basis. Consult your group and make a choice, then email me quickly to ensure you get the topic you want.

Remember that you are being “examined” on your ability to draw out the central claims and conclusions, and the movement from claim to conclusion (i.e. the ARGUMENTS) in the text…you are then required to evaluate these arguments and to give supporting/counter arguments where appropriate. So you must clarify the stance being taken in the piece, and then take your own stance on it. This can be done, as previously discussed, any way you like (visual aids, drama etc) as long as it is clear what you are up to.

Aristotle - Nicomachean Ethics, Book 1, Chapters 1 – 7 (Internet Classics Archive text, NOT the ILT Digital Classics text) @

David Hume – An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, “On the origin of ideas”, @

William James – What Pragmatism Means @

John Stuart Mill – On Nature @ [OR] On Liberty @ the Learning Centre

Bertrand Russell – In Praise of Idleness @ [OR] Ideas That Have Harmed Mankind @

Jean-Paul Sartre – Existentialism is a Humanism @

Peter Singer – All Animals Are Equal @

These are all interesting pieces that require thought and reflection. So get cracking.

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  1. Just to echo Carl, there are some really exciting pieces to look at here: I'm looking forward to coming along and seeing what you all make of them...