Thursday, July 10, 2008

How ethical are you?

The Times newspaper is linking to 'how ethical are you' test/quiz at - you may be interested to see where it places you! It says I am a 'guardian' - I like the law...


  1. Yes, I am a 'Guardian' as well. The first time I did it. When I saw the other options, I decided I really wanted to be an 'Angel'. So I shrewdly used another email address and re-did the quiz. And even with a bit of inductive reasoning behind me, I am now not an Angel or a Guardian, but a 'Law Enforcer' .. gotta laugh ..

  2. I am a judge hehe.But anyway I am still changing as I am not an adult.
    I do like the introduction of you in the blog of the philosophy of sport.

  3. jeannie11:41 am

    sorry Shelley but i'm an angel :)
    and it even rightfully said that i'm willing to break rules if i believe them to be wrong and that a higher principle is at stake.. very astute!!